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Robyn is so AMAZING!! She's got a fantastic personality and is Smokin HOTT!! She's my all time favorite!!!!
Matthew Cooblal, Jr. is originally from Trinidad but resides in Barrie, Ontario CA. He poses as a “business consultant/analysts.” He is uneducated, but lies about that too.
claim to be united health care not sure though
no message. spam.
919900781 - empresa de trabslho temporario Portugal
a guy
Robo Caller, not from Google
loan shark
This is one of many phone calls I keep receiving telling me they will b in my area for a free roof inspection to check for Damage due to the Hurricane. I have told them several times over the past 2 months that I have a new roof and do not want or need their services. I have blocked their calls and continue to get calls from alternate numbers not blocked yet. Just received yet another call from these people, you can here it is a phone room from the back round noise. I have tried to find a company by the name they gave but doesn't seem to exist. Roofing contractors have to have a state or county license to provide work, so if you can't find a listing for a company something is wrong. If you call this number you get a recording instantly talking about the Company Name is Vacation Services and they just opened a new location in FT Myers. Why is a Roofing Repair Company using a Phone number for a Vacation Company
Rachel Llarenas
I received a call from this number and left a voicemail that there is some legal action been taken against me and if i do not call back they will issue an arrest warrant. LOL!
Unknown number. Never leaves a message.
This number belongs to Matthew Cooblal, Jr. he is a Narcissacist, misogynistic womanizer. He is very skilled at hiding it. I hope that if you are reading this, that the gut instinct that led you to search for the truth will lead you to cutting him out of your life. Please don’t waste another second on him. I know it is hard to believe but he is a pathological liar and everything that he tells you is just words for him. He doesn’t mean them. I’m sorry.
Scam number . Called saying about unusual credit card charges I asked under which account or bank, didn't answer. Stupid Ass.
Stop calling my phone crackhead Ashley and Brittany Washington get a job dumb ass hoes.
King Capital Management Scam
Anyone know whose number is this ? I received a call and immediately declined it since I'm worried if it's some kind of scam.
My minor soon had recovered many calls from this number, no messages left. I called it after hours and the recording leaves no information on who the company is....seems fishy. Called back during business hours, the lady I talked to said the company was National Credit Adjusters. I'm not sure why all the secrecy in the voice recording for after hours calls. She was nice on the phone however was trying to ask for personal information regarding my son And why they would want to talk to him. He is only 13 years old. No thanks! Bye Felicia!
Push for Trump tax reform

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