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Stop calling my phone crackhead Ashley and Brittany Washington get a job dumb ass hoes.
King Capital Management Scam
Anyone know whose number is this ? I received a call and immediately declined it since I'm worried if it's some kind of scam.
My minor soon had recovered many calls from this number, no messages left. I called it after hours and the recording leaves no information on who the company is....seems fishy. Called back during business hours, the lady I talked to said the company was National Credit Adjusters. I'm not sure why all the secrecy in the voice recording for after hours calls. She was nice on the phone however was trying to ask for personal information regarding my son And why they would want to talk to him. He is only 13 years old. No thanks! Bye Felicia!
Push for Trump tax reform
Person said they were with the Canadian revenue agency. Said their name was officer Paul turner badge number AB 1915. Then asked for my SIN. To which I replied that I do not divulge that information over the phone.
A guy called and said he was taking up donations for police officers.
Calls and rings once. No message
Rude lady, harassing stating I have court, yet I do not. Called my sister and my best friend. I do not know how she was able to get their info. DISGUSTINGLY rude. SCAM
Do not call this number!
Crank call. Said they were a neighbour... somebody yelled shut up ... and then started making up a story about my daughter kicking their dog. My neighbours would not have this area code ... and I was with my daughter all day.
Who is 7652760332
Texts and calls about pain relief.
Received call from this number at our business. Upon answering the call I heard static and after 5 seconds they hung up with no call back. Probably a scammers call, blocked.
Answered, just silence for about 20 seconds, then caller disconnected.
They are rude and keep bothering people again and again. Stop showing fucking attitude to the person you are calling.
Scam 2017
Called 2x in a row, no message was left.

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